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I would like to say thank-you so much for everything you have done for me and my family.

Joe I will be in contact with you in about 20 months to see if you can put this 2nd morgage into our 1st. Again thanks so much!

You were really great to our family!!! Talk to you again in a couple of years!!

Nicole and Terry Harris

I would definitely recommend you to friends and relatives.

The whole process was relatively painless and very quick.

From the time I received your first response until the time the closing papers were sent to the lawyers was less than 1 week.

I was very impressed with your efficiency and professionalism.

Ingrid Clarke-Pitt

I just wanted to thank-you again for all your help.

This is going to make a huge difference for us financially, just the interest alone we were paying out. We feel such a relief that this is all in one mortgage and at such a low rate.

I will definitely recommend your company to anyone looking for mortgage advice. Again thanks very much!

Debbie and Raymond Jack

It was fast easy and painless. The banks are a pain in the having to jump through hoops when you are more than qualified. The service was spectacular.

Bill & Kathy Hopper

Joe took a lot of pressure of my wife Pat an myself at the time of our retirement when we had no options he found us a perfect one.

He was fantastic and a great person to deal with Thanks Joe for making our retirement easier on us!

Raymond Bennett

I wanted to thank you for all your assistance in helping us get out of our financial difficulties. I think we can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

You don't know how much this has lifted the stress we've been dealing with the last couple of years. We are forever grateful to you.

I will definitely recommend you to whomever is looking for someone to help them with their mortgages.

Duane Wagenknecht

We recently refined our house through Joe.

Because I recently became self-employed, I didn't meet the criteria for most mortgage companies (including the one I had been with for five years).

Joe found a product that was perfect for us and the service was excellent. Very satisfied!

Michael McFarlane

Joe made our lives so much easier by saving us $1,300 per month.

It was the quickest and easiest thing I've ever had to do to get the best mortgage rate possible and of course save ourselves money.

Joe was quick and extremely efficient. He handled everything that needed to be done.

I would recommend Joe to anyone. His professional and courteous attitude is a pleasant bonus.

Jacqueline Micallef

We are very happy with the service.

I first emailed you after finding and reading about your services on the web site. You replied right away and within a couple of days our dreams were answered. You know we had that R9 on our credit rating and was happy that you heard our side of the story.

We are hard working honest people that just desperately needed a second chance and we are very grateful you went to bat for us and gave us that.

All of our bills are now consolidated to one monthly payment and we are saving approximately $800.00 per month.

Again, thank you for your prompt attention to our request (we were getting very desperate) and we would be very happy to forward any business your way.

Kathy and Keith Baldry

Thank You for all the help you have given us. Thanks to your professionalism and dedication we were able to consolidate our debts and save $500 a month .

We did not think this was possible had we not found your services on the net. It was a great relief to find such courteous and professional help. We are now in the process of reducing our debts at an unbelievable pace.

Thanks to your helpful advise and service we are feeling the releif of stress on our daily and monthly living and still know that we are heading in the right direction with the goal of eliminating our debts. Twenty times ThankYou would not be enough to say how you have changed our future.

We will be recommending your services to anyone in need as we have found in the past good help is hard to find in these financial matters.

Yvon & Joanne

Thank you for your quick and easy solution to our financial problems. Things will now be alot easier to handle around here.

You have freed up about $500 a month which will make paying the bills a breeze.

Thank you again for your help, again.

Debbra Burns

I was very leary about applying for a consolidation loan over the internet but I was in some financial trouble and needed a way out.

Well Joe Malek with Refinancing Tips did that, found me a way out. After giving my information to him Joe said "Leave it with me and see what I can do" I thought to myself hear we go again another refusal.

You see I have been turned down by 3 major banks and even some loan companies.

Joe called me back in a couple of days and had something for me. He was able to save me about $456.00 a month and in my postion thats alot of money.

I would like to thank Joe Malek for all his work (all I did was answer questions which made the process easy) and I would definitly recommend him to anyone I know who is having money problems.


Joe, Thank you so much for helping me and my husband with our debt reduction plan.

My monthly payments went down by $1400.00! I can finally breathe again, I no longer feel I am drowning in debt. I have just finished my Christmas Shopping and Thanks to you I was able to pay for it all in CASH!

It only took 2 short weeks from the time I decided hmmmmmmmmm I have to do something or else I will go bankrupt till the WOW we are HOMEFREE.

You made the process so simple and gave me all the options, your website is extremely informative! Joe, you never ever made me feel silly for racking up so much debt!

I would recomend Joe to any and all of my friends. It has truly been a pleasure.


Thank you very much. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

The service was great the process was very easy and we were very pleased with the outcome as we saved hundreds of dollars each month.

David & Kelly Gale

You were awesome to work with and I appreciate how knowledgeable you were and the speed in which everything was done. Thanks again for all your help.

Sherri McKenna

We are saving approx. $600.00 per month and with all your help our finances are not stressing us out like they used to.

I really don't know what would have happened if you couldn't help us and I was very impressed with the personal interest you guys took and how efficient and quick the whole process was.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services to family and friends.

Cathy Vis

My husband and I have appreciated your help!

After being turned down by a major financial institution where we had received bad service; it was refreshing to have people that handled your cause with dignity.

Often you get treated with disrespect and indignity and we received quick, positive service.

We found them to work a deal that was within our budget and it seemed to go so hassle free. Thank you again!

Sandi Charbonneau

We found your service to be very professional and most importantly helpful in obtaining for us a very favourable interest rate thereby reducing our monthly payments by about $800.00/month.

The whole ordeal was quite painless and I would definitely recommend your services to others and will do so when I can. Again, thank you very much for all your help.

Mary Divitcoff

My husband and I are very pleased with your services. It has brought our monthly payments down to almost half.

I will certainly keep you in mind for anyone else needing the financial help in the future. Again thank you for all you hard work.

Diane Osborne - Flude

My Husband and I would like to say thank you, for helping us in our time of need, with your help we were able to consolidate all of our debt into payments that are more affordable and beneficial to us.

We can now save a little each month to build a nest egg so that we don't have to worry like we used to. It is a great feeling to have money in the bank and to enjoy life again. Thank you Joe.

Aileen and Anthony Waithe

Dave and I would like to thank you for all your help with our debts. I feel that we can get ahead now. You are very kind and give exceptional customer service as well you treated us with repect.

Tina and Dave Pilon

Just wanted to say it is I who should be thanking you for the Execellent service you provided me. Not only was your service very Professional, you made every step quite simple. I have already recommended you.

Mervyn Parris

My husband and I were deep in debt, and having no luck with trying to refinance through our local Bank.

Then I found your Web Site, which was very easy to read and understand.The application process was simple, and your response almost immediate.

We were extremely pleased with the service you gave us - which was prompt and efficient. We would recommend your Refinancing Service to everyone!

Clare Gardner-Durdle

We would like to thank you for helping us out.

You provided very knowledgeable and prompt service in spite of our fax and printer not working properly.

We figured out that with our new financing we are probably saving around $400.00 per month. Again thank you Joe.

Deborah Stevens

Dear Joe: Just dropping you a line to tell you how much we appreciate the "no run-a-round" mortgage renewal.

We would like to thank you for the fast and professional manner in which we were treated and how easy it was to apply.

We had checked several sights on the internet and found yours to be the most informative and we have no problem recommending your services to anyone. Thanks again.

Nancy and Ray Keeso

I would like you to know that both Mary and I were very pleased with the service that you provided.

Your web-site was informative and very easy to use. You were very sensitive to our needs and at no time did I feel uncomfortable dealing with you.

It's never easy when trying to get your finances in order and some companies, I have found, seemed very insensitive towards us and our problems.

Again, Joe, thanks for your help and I must emphasize that this transaction was handled professionally and courteously.

Tom & Mary Fields

It was a sincere pleasure doing business with you. Your courtesy, and understanding of our situation, put us at ease and the ease of delivery of documents and the loan was great.

As everyone is so busy, it was wonderful to be able to complete a lot of the information via Internet, fax or efax.. Your service was great and I would recommend you to anyone who needs help sorting out a financial situation.

I will recommend you to all my friends and thank you for your time, kindness and patience. It was our pleasure.

Wanda Hoffman

Recently I needed to do some refinancing of my mortgage and my own bank would not help me, so I turned to the internet and found Joe Malek.

He was professional and helped me consolidate everything into a first mortgage.

His service was fast and efficient and I would highly recommend him to help out with any financial arrangements that you require.

Tammy Robinson

It remains to be seen whether or not I have made the right move but regardless, I needed to do something immediately and you people achieved that goal promptly, efficiently and effectively.

I at least feel that I have some 'breathing room' now in order to make a substantial gain in straightening out my financial outlook.

I sincerely hope I will not need your services again, but if I do, I'm sure I will get the same prompt and effective service and I would recommend to others who might be in a 'bind' to give you the opportunity to assist them in resolving their situation.

You did a great job and once again I thank you!

Dan Arbic and Wendy Beer

Shopping for mortgage rates and services on the Internet was amazingly simple.

Joe Malek responded to our query immediately. His service was very personal and polite. He worked hard to get us the best rate at our terms.

He valued our business and proved it by seeing to every detail on a timely basis. Our mortgage has been in effect for several months now, and the lender has treated us very well.

The lender contacted us by phone to explain our contract and answer our questions about property taxes and so forth.

We are very happy with the whole transaction. We highly recommend Joe's services.

Karen Patron-Evans

I found your web-site excellent.

Information was obtained easily, promptly and with professionalism.

My husband and I are very pleased with the service we received from you and thank you once again for your courteous and professional service.

We look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

Brenda and Rod

As the owner of a small business I went deeply into debt trying to get established. I was very desperate when I first found your website.

I seemed to be drowning in debt and it seemed no one could offer any solutions. After I contacted you, I very quickly had a loan which consolidated my previous debts and included a line of credit to help me build up my business.

Thanks to you, I can meet my monthly payments and have money left to develop my business. Thanks again for your help!

Susan O'Reilly

I found the service you offered to be EXCELLENT.

It allowed me to obtain financing conveniently, on-line in my own home. My questions and application were dealt with promptly, and you helped me to pick the best product for my circumstances.

You obtained more for me than I thought would be possible, and I have already passed your name and number along to several people.

Debra Purkiss

Thank you very much for you help!

It was great dealing with someone who understands the urgency of such cases as mine, and deals with his clients in a timely and caring manner - certainly a nice switch from the big bank treatment.

Peter Chaba

Joe Malek was amazing and went way beyond our expectations. They were great from start to finish and really helped us out. Thank you!

Dennis Family

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the speedy service you and your staff have provided for me this time and in the past.

It is great to deal with people who know what they are doing!

Diane Blake

Thanks for the great advice and the awesome book.

I have managed to dive into it a little bit and look forward to reading the rest. Myself and Tom were very pleased with all your and your help.

I would recommend your office and you to anyone.

The Dykstra's

Hi Joe, This is a quick note to congratulate you on another job well done. It isn't very often in this day and age anyone goes out of their way to provide services the way you do fast, reliable, trust worthy As always I would recommend you to anyone
needing financial assistance.

Bill & Marie Berrill

Being self employed, we got turned down by all major lenders in our area for no income verification mortgage.

We were pleasantly surprised to get a call the very next day that we were pre-approved. In less than 3 days our application for a mortgage was fully approved and we were able to move on to the next things on our to-do list.

Thank you Joe for your fast service!

Zubek Family.

Joe made our lives so much easier by saving us $1,300 per month.

It was the quickest and easiest thing I've ever had to do to get the best mortgage rate possible and of course save ourselves money.

Joe was quick and extremely efficient. He handled everything that needed to be done.

I would recommend Joe to anyone. His professional and courteous attitude is a pleasant bonus.

Jacqueline Micallef

My husband and I have appreciated your help!

After being turned down by a major financial institution where we had received bad service; it was refreshing to have people that handled your cause with dignity.

Often you get treated with disrespect and indignity and we received quick, positive service.

We found them to work a deal that was within our budget and it seemed to go so hassle free. Thank you again!

Sandi Charbonneau

Dave and I would like to thank you for all your help with our debts. I feel that we can get ahead now. You are very kind and give exceptional customer service as well you treated us with repect.

Tina and Dave Pilon





From: Joe Malek,

Joe Malek

Dear Friend,

1. Are you searching the internet for the best mortgage rate for your NEW HOME PURCHASE?

2. Do you need to REFINANCE MORTGAGE and obtain a new first mortgage at lower interest rate and cut payments in HALF?

3. Are you looking for a SECOND MORTGAGE to consolidate all your bills into one low monthly payment and save thousands?

4. Perhaps you need a PRIVATE MORTGAGE UP TO 90% of your home value because you may have damaged credit and your bank won't lent you a dime.

5. Or do you just need a FAST LOAN for whatever reason where you could have money in your account in as soon as 48 hours?

(No up-front legal fees and No appraisal required, No Employment or Income verification, Self-employed borrowers accepted, Cottages and rental properties accepted. Open for partial or full pre-payment at any time. Pay off high interest rate credit cards, tax arrears or mortgage arrears FAST).

6. Maybe you need to RE-ESTABLISH CREDIT and build your credit score.

Well... You’ve arrived at the right place... there are no initial credit checks!

I have helped thousands of people just like YOU to secure the best financing for their situation including hard to place mortgages.

For example: Cheryl and Robert... are saving over $1,100 every month with my help!

“Hi Joe, Thank you very much for all of your help. We really appreciate your promptness and your great knowledge. You have made this process a great ease and pleasure. Thank you! Cheryl and Robert McLachlan, Oshawa, Ontario”

Cheryl and Robert were spending $1,797.00 each month on 2 mortgages and 4 credit cards and I reduced their monthly payments to less than $800.00 dollars.

My FREE information could help you to:

  • Save YOU time!
  • Save YOU money!
  • Improve YOUR credit!
  • Avoid YOUR disastrous situations!

As I already said above... I've already helped thousands of homebuyers or homeowners and NOW I WANT TO HELP YOU!!!

Fist of all, this website is a fully secured site...

You can apply online at the bottom of this page in confidence. All of your information is encrypted...

Below is just a partial list of Canadian mortgage lenders I am connected to. I am also working with professional mortgage brokers and mortgage agents across Canada, so it doesn't matter where you live... we are here to help YOU!

Can you imagine how much time it would take YOU to visit each of their offices to see about their mortgage rates and submit mortgage application to them?

It would take you months to go through them all, but the good news is that YOU can use my proven mortgage broker services. If you complete the online mortgage application at the bottom of this page then I will provide YOU with the lowest mortgage rate for your situation in less than 48 hours.

mortgage lenders


  • ATB Financial
    AVEO by CMLS Financial
    B2B Bank
    BFG Capital
    BlueShore Financial CU
    Blueprint Mortgages
    Bridgewater Bank
    CMLS Financial
    Canadiana Financial Corp
    Centum Mortgage
    Coast Capital Savings CU
    Community Trust
    Envision Financial
    Equitable Bank
    First National
    First Ontario Credit Union
    HomeEquityBank CHIP Reverse Mtg
    Home Trust Company
    IC Savings
    ICICI Bank Canada
    Industrial Alliance

  • Intellimortgage
    Island Savings
    League Savings and Mortgage
    Lendwise Mortgages
    M-Link Mortgage
    MFL Refinance
    Manulife Bank of Canada
    Marathon Mortgage Corp.
    Meridian Credit Union Ltd.
    Merix Financial
    Mortgage Point Financial
    National Bank
    Optimum Mortgage
    Pillar Financial Services
    RMG Mortgages
    Radius Financial
    Servus Credit Union Ltd.
    Street Capital Bank of Canada
    TD Canada Trust

Most of these mortgage lenders are what we call “A” mortgage lenders offering mortgage loans at discounted mortgage rates.

Some are “B” & “C” lenders who specialize in alternative lending solutions for people with less than perfect credit… or unique situation like mortgages for self-employed individuals who simply can’t prove their income. For self-employed I have several products called "STATED INCOME" for mortgage refinance or home purchase, but also EQUITY PRODUCTS without much of the paperwork which is usually required.

Small and medium-sized businesses are the engine of the Canadian economy.

When it comes to mortgages, it hasn't always paid to be self-employed - because reducing your taxable income can make it difficult to qualify for the mortgage you deserve. I understand business owners because I am a business owner as well!

What's better, I have a long list of institutional and private lenders that offer excellent mortgage options for self-employed Canadians. These mortgage lenders in Canada understand that self-employed individuals have tax write-offs creating significant reductions in their declared income.

With these alternative mortgage lenders, you may not be required to prove your income as a reasonable estimate of your annual income could be acceptable.


If you show a low taxable income you may still be able to purchase a new home with 5% down-payment up to 90% with little or no income verification.

Do you want to save money on your next mortgage? Most homeowners and homebuyers do.

My blog will provide you with great mortgage tips so you can be better prepared for your home purchasemortgage refinancingsecond mortgage and private lender financing for bad or damaged credit, credit repair and more.

Think about this… Canadian consumer debt hit the all-time high. Canadian households are carrying a debt to disposable income load of 167%.  In other words, they owe $1.67 for every dollar that they have available to spend.

This is one of the reasons growing number of homeowners are tapping into home equity and refinancing existing mortgages to consolidate debt like credit card and loans.

In addition to these A, B & C lenders you may also benefit from our private lender mortgages for extremely difficult situations including foreclosure help!

Whatever your situation... I am confident that you will find my services helpful because I work very hard for my clients as you can see from testimonials on the left.

Many of my clients learned the HARD WAY that asking their bank for help was a BIG waste of time and going from a bank to bank or from a broker to broker actually hurt their credit score!

You need to know that MULTIPLE loan requests actually DECREASE your chances of approval at discounted rates because each inquiry to your credit file is affecting YOUR credit score.

Plus... YOU may look like unwanted credit seeker which is the LAST thing YOU may need right now!

There are many things YOU could do BEFORE you apply for your mortgage.

I strongly recommend YOU obtain your own credit report with a credit score.

A credit score is a statistical formula that translates personal information from your credit report and other sources into a three-digit score from 300 to 850.

Your credit score is an important indicator of your creditworthiness.

In general, the higher your credit score, the lower the probability that YOU will become delinquent on credit extended to you.

Lenders use your credit score to determine if you are a good candidate for credit and you will likely to pay your bills.

Because your credit report is updated every day, your score is recalculated continuously and therefore your credit score from a month ago is probably NOT the same score today.

What is used to calculate your score?

  • Payment history - Indicates whether you have made your credit card payments, loan payments and other payments on time.
  • Amounts owed - Compares how much you owe to your credit limits with various lenders.
  • Length of time in file - Indicates how long you have had credit accounts.
  • New credit - Shows how often you are looking for new credit and how you handle accounts you have recently opened.
  • Type of credits - Considers the type of loans you have - car loans, lines of credit, credit card balances.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Credit & Credit Score

10. Learn what your current Credit Score is and what appears on your credit report. This gives you an immediate access to your credit report and includes your current credit score.

9. Don't open new credit cards that you don't need just to increase your available credit. This approach could backfire and actually lower your score.

8. Try to keep your total account balances as low as possible. High outstanding debt may negatively affect your score, as you have a greater chance of missing payments.

7. Correct any incorrect information that might appear on your credit report. Visit Fixing Errors on Your Report for more information.

6. If your credit is severely damaged, or you have a very short credit history, there are still ways to improve your credit over time. Consider opening new accounts responsibly and paying them off on time.

5. If you fall behind on paying a bill because of unemployment, or family issues, illness, write a short explanation to the credit reporting agencies. They will add it to your credit report. Also, call your creditor to explain the circumstances and, if possible, work out a payment schedule you can meet.

4. If you need help building your credit from scratch or re-establishing credit after bankruptcy or consumer proposal consider taking advantage of a SECURED VISA CARD!

3. To minimize the number of inquiries on your credit report, don't apply for multiple credit cards over a short period of time, or for a card you're not likely to get. Apply for new credit accounts only as needed.

2. Make all of your payments on time. If forced to miss a payment, be sure to pay the following month. Accounts more than 60 days past due will be indicated on your credit report.

And the number one way....?

1. Continue to check your credit report regularly, correcting errors and inaccuracies that can damage your credit score.

Click Here To Check YOUR Credit Report NOW!

When you obtain your credit before applying for a loan or mortgage, you will have the opportunity to correct the wrong information, increase your credit score which in turn could result in lower interest rate on your next mortgage.

You can obtain your credit report online, but please MAKE SURE that you get the one with the credit score.

Now that you know your credit score, I can give you a better idea for which of the mortgage and debt consolidation options you will qualify for.

If you would like to eliminate your debt from your life you will need to:

1) Find a mortgage professional who will look after YOUR best interest for the rest of your life. Be upfront with your specific needs, don’t be hiding stuff and you’ll benefit greatly!

2) Stop running around from a bank to bank or from a broker to broker. Your own mortgage agent can do all that running around for you. This way you’ll get the best deal and protect your credit score.

3) Cut up all credit cards except one or two which you’ll use for emergency purposes only. You don’t need 10 different credit cards and credit lines. They make your bank richer and you poorer. If you cut them up and close the accounts then you will not rack them up again.

Here is what Terry said about Joe's services…

“Hi Joe, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your assistance in getting our refinancing in a difficult situation and at a very good rate too! We closed yesterday and I really don't think we could have done this without your knowledge and expertise. THANK YOU! Terry Wastesicoot, Ajax, Ontario”

Loan Does it make you mad that you are deeper in debt today than you were last year?
Loans Are you waking up at night worrying about creditor calls?
debt problem Are you scared or unsure how to solve this specific problem?

...or perhaps YOU are just worried YOU should do something about YOUR situation BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!

I don't just provide a quick fix solution to YOUR problems I give you a long term solution that puts you back in control of your financial future…

Here Are Some of The Financial Disaster Warning Signals

Please ask yourself these 3 questions:

1) Are you starting to fall a little behind on your bills or are you already on your way to bankruptcy?

2) How can you keep bankruptcy from happening when your credit card bills just won’t stop coming?

3) How do you climb out of the debt hole without causing damage to your credit report - not to mention your quality of life?

Here are some of the common warning signals which IF corrected in time, can help YOU to steer clear of financial disaster...

  • Spending increasing amounts of your income to pay your bills
  • Putting off paying your bills for few days because you don't have enough money to cover them
  • Being near, at or over the limit on your credit cards
  • Making only minimum payments on your bills
  • Juggling credit card bills
  • Paying only minimum monthly payments on credit cards
  • Using credit card for monthly expenses because you don't have cash to pay for them
  • Paying bills with money which was supposed to go for something else like kids tuition or your retirement
  • Have no savings
  • Having your credit cards cancelled by the issuer because you have been consistently over your limit
  • Had your auto or life insurance cancelled because you missed payments
  • Putting off medical visits because you can't pay for them
  • Working overtime or two jobs
  • Received utilities shut-off notices in past
  • Being overdrawn on your bank accounts
  • Worrying about your money
  • Argue with your spouse about money problems
  • Being afraid that someone can find out how far in debt you are

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions, you may or may not have cause for alarm, depending on the context of your answers.

However, if you are drawing down your savings to make minimum monthly payments on your credit card bills then the alarm bells should be ringing LOUD and CLEAR.

If you answered yes to many or most of the warning signals, YOU definitely have a problem and YOU should seriously consider taking advantage of my services before it's too late!

My clients come to me from all walks of life…

They are factory workers, construction workers, self-employed individuals, realtors, government employees, police officers, firefighters, nurses, doctors, dentists and yes... also bank employees and managers.

credit rating Improve your credit rating so you can always get the lowest rates.
Consolidate bills Consolidate your bills so you can enjoy one monthly payment.
start saving Slash your budget so you can finally start saving.

YOU can be up and running within as little as 10 minutes from now…

...and since I work fast, it’s possible you’ll see your first savings by the end of the next month!

Here Is How My System Works

  • IT ALL STARTS with filling out short online form below – this part takes about 10 minutes (and this is also where you tell me about your problems, goals and objectives!)

  • YOU’LL receive a quick response from me – this is where I will go over all of your financing options!

  • YOU’LL decide which financing option best suites your current needs – Don’t worry I’ll make it really simple for you!

  • YOU’LL select your financing option - I’ll match you with a lender who offers the best rate for that product (This is where you’ll protect your credit rating!).

  • LENDER issues YOUR approval in as little as 4 hours -- and you'll receive it the same day or overnight!

  • YOU’LL review the offer in the comfort of your home, call or email me with any questions. Then simply deliver your signed approval back to me by email with your supporting documents.

  • I’LL deliver it back to the lender who will take up to 48 hours to review documents and provide us with outstanding conditions list (if any).

  • YOU’LL satisfy outstanding conditions (income, lawyer info, etc.) and your new mortgage loan is ready for funding!

  • YOUR LAWYER receives closing instructions - and pays off your debt in full, and...


I arrange everything for YOU. You just meet with YOUR own lawyer to close the mortgage transaction.

Here is what others said about my services...

Dennis Family

Joe Malek was amazing and went way beyond our expectations. They were great from start to finish and really helped us out. Thank you! Dennis Family, Courtice, Ontario

"Thank you so much. I really appreciate the speedy service you and your staff have provided for me this time and in the past. It is great to deal with people who know what they are doing!" Diane Blake, Stoney Creek, Ontario

Diane Blake

The Dykstra's

Thanks for the great advice... Myself and Tom were very pleased with all your help. I would recommend your office and you to anyone. Thank you very much... The Dykstra's, Ilderton, Ontario

Would You Like To Slash Your Payments by 50% or More Starting Next Month?

I may have up to 4 financing options for YOU to choose from. Some will require mortgage refinancing and other will involve second mortgage, home equity line of credit or private mortgage financing.

I will present you with all of your financing options and recommend the one that makes the most sense to me but it will be YOU who decides which one fits YOUR current needs.

EXAMPLE: If your home value is $300,000 and your current mortgage balance is $185,000 then your home equity is $115,000.

You could tap into your home equity and pay off some or all of your credit cards and loans to make your life easier.

Now, let’s say you also owe $10,000 on line of credit... $25,000 on a bank loan and... $50,000 on 7 credit cards.

In total you are spending $3,488.99 while you could be paying only $1,681.02 and reduce your monthly obligations by 51.82%.

Credit Line
Credit Line
Bank Loan
Bank Loan
Credit Cards
Credit Cards
Total Owing
Total Owing
Your Savings

This example is for illustration purposes only and it was based on the following assumptions: Before mortgage rate of 6% calculated semi-annually based on 25 year amortization; Bank loan 8% rate and payments spread over 5 year term; Line of credit and credit card payments equal to 3% of outstanding balances. After mortgage rate of 5.5% calculated semi-annually amortized over 25 years, insured at 2% with one time insurance premium. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 5.576%. This is just old example where I used situation of my client. Today's mortgage rates are much lower so your savings would be even greater!

mortgage brokers

Why Use My Mortgage Services?

There are many benefits of applying for YOUR mortgage right here and right now… mortgage brokers and mortgage agents could save you money.

The first one which comes to my mind is YOUR instant access to virtually all mortgage lenders, their products and rates with one single application form.

You see... when you apply for your mortgage at your own bank or any bank for that matter you are applying for their products only.

If your application is declined you probably try another lender BUT how do you know they’ll accept you?

What if you get denied again? Are you going to keep trying until you destroy your credit rating?... or are you going to finally try my professional mortgage broker services?

There is nothing wrong with shopping around for your mortgage BUT doing this on your own could seriously damage your credit score!

With every application comes a hard hit to YOUR credit file resulting in lower credit score and lower credit score could make it much harder for you to obtain your mortgage approval at the lowest mortgage rate possible!

In fact, your lower credit score may prevent you from obtaining your mortgage altogether!!

When you apply for your mortgage here, I will perform only one inquiry to your credit file after you sign a consent form to do so and I will attach your credit report to your mortgage application.

I then submit your application to one lender at a time, starting with the one who has the highest probability of accepting your application quickly, at the best rates and terms for your situation.

This way, you’ll know that your application could be approved quickly and you will get the best mortgage rate possible.

There is NO need for office visits, simply apply for your new mortgage below on my secure server and I’ll get started on it right away.

Many people make the mistake by obtaining their mortgage at their own bank and end up paying more interest!

Banks charge their customers what’s called “bank posted rates” that can be as much as 1.5% higher than discounted rates offered by some of my other lenders.

To get the absolute lowest rate on the market you’ll need to have perfect credit with excellent credit score.

If your credit is damaged then I will take time to explain what you need to do to improve it so you too can qualify for a great discounted mortgage rate.

My goal is to provide you with the best mortgage for your current situation.

This kind of mortgage should have:

Interest Discounted rate so you pay the least amount of interest!
payment options Accelerated payment options so you can reduce your amortization!
pre-payment options Flexible pre-payment options so you can be mortgage free faster!

Take a moment to review your monthly budget to discover how much you are really spending each month on all your living expenses and then compare them to your take home pay.

Do you allocate 20% of you budget to your savings account? If you are NOT saving 10 or 20% of your take home pay then consider these solutions…

  • Sell your home to downsize – cost too much in real estate commissions and moving costs!
  • Get a higher paying job or second job – not so easy
  • Tripple your credit card payments - also not easy if you are already struggling to make ends meet!
  • OR... LET ME HELP!!

And let’s not forget that when you take advantage of my 25 year + proven professional mortgage service, there are…

  • NO application fees!
  • NO initial credit checks!
  • NO multiple credit inquiries!
  • NO office visits!
  • NO time consuming appointments!
  • NO surprises!


If you answered "YES" and you want to take advantage of my proven mortgage services then CLICK HERE TO APPLY ONLINE ON THE SECURE SERVER . Use the online secure server mortgage application form for faster service. I will receive it instantly and YOU could receive your approval in 24 to 48 hours.

REMEMBER: It costs you NOTHING to get started and most of all there are NO obligations. If you are not satisfied with my offer then you can cancel at any time!

You can also check out my other website www.ontariomortgage.ca where you will find...


Joe Malek


Joe Malek, Mortgage Agent, Lic. #M08004649

P.S. That's all it's to it... no time consuming appointments... no office visits... no running around... I know you have many questions for me and I will take time to answer all of them... so please don't hesitate, apply online right now

P.S. I personally service all of Ontario, Canada including:

Ajax, Algonquin Park, Amherstburg, Arnprior, Aurora, Bancroft, Barrie, Belleville, Bowmanville, Bracebridge, Brampton, Brantford, Brockville, Burlington, Cambridge, Chatham, Cobourg, Cochrane, Collingwood, Cornwall, Downsview, Dryden, Elliot Lake, Etobicoke, Flamborough, Flesherton, Fort Erie, Fort Frances, Gananoque, Georgetown, Gloucester, Gravenhurst, Grimsby, Guelph, Haliburton, Hamilton, Hawkesbury, Huntsville, Ingersoll, Jordan, Kanata, Kapuskasing, Kemptville, Kenora, Killarney, Kincardine, Kingston, Kirkland Lake, Kitchener, Leamington, London, Mactier, Marathon, Markham, Midland, Milton, Mississauga, Mount Hope, Muskoka, Napanee, Nepean, New Liskeard, Newmarket, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, North Bay, North York, Oakville, Orangeville, Orillia, Oshawa, Ottawa, Owen Sound, Parry Sound, Pelee Island, Pembroke, Perth, Petawawa, Peterborough, Pickering, Picton, Port Carling, Port Elgin, Port Hope, Port Loring, Port Perry, Rexdale, Richmond Hill, Ridgetown, Sarnia, Sault Ste Marie, Scarborough, Schomberg, Simcoe, Sioux Lookout, Smiths Falls, St Catharines, St Thomas, Stratford, Sudbury, Sundridge, Thamesford, Thorold, Thunder Bay, Tillsonburg, Timmins, Toronto, Trenton, Vaughan, Wallaceburg, Wasaga Beach, Waterloo, Wawa, Welland, Whitby, Wiarton, Windsor, Woodstock



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